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SuperEZ Wave Editor 12.2

SuperEZ Wave Editor is a visual music file editor with a handy interface
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SuperEZ Wave Editor is a comprehensive visual audio file editor. This application has a well designed graphical interface and offers a wide variety of features, so it is appropriate for the novices as well as for the more experienced users. With SuperEZ Wave Editor you can record your own music or edit the audio files that you already have. This tool allows you to reduce the cassette noise as well as breathe noise from your audio files.

SuperEZ Wave Editor is an application that lives up to its name. Mixing, trimming, inserting or removing silences, all of these are very easy to do. Moreover, this tool offers numerous effects like echo, vibrato, flanger, chorus, etc. that you can add to your creations.

Far from being your everyday, run-off-the-mill audio editor, SuperEZ Wave Editor provides a lot of additional functions. I really enjoyed that with this application you are also able to batch convert your files between various audio formats and edit the ID3 tags.

Another plus comes from the text to speech function that the program provides. With SuperEZ Wave Editor you can insert your text, have the application, read it out loud for you and save it as an audio file. Although there is only one voice that you can select, i still think that this feature is very helpful.

One of the few drawbacks that I noticed when testing this tool is that, during its setup process, it "offers" to also install no less than three additional programs. So if you won't pay attention while installing SuperEZ Wave Editor, you might end up with a few applications that you didn't actually need on your computer.

To put things in perspective, SuperEZ Wave Editor is a tool that surpassed my expectations. It offers a wide array of features and a well designed (customizable) user interface, so it's worth checking out.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Features many audio effects
  • Can also be used as a sound recorder


  • Adware-like behavior (offers to install a lot of unneeded apps during its installation)
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